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Please join us for Khatm-e-Quran on Friday night June 23rd, the 29th night of Ramadan at Muslim Society Inc. (MSI).

There will be a bayaan by Mufti Ehzaz on the virtues of Khatm-e-Quran.

The program is open for both brother and sisters.

Please spread the word and invite your friends and other family members.

Susbcribe to our YouTube channel @MSIMASJID for live streaming of all the MSI events.

Jazak Allah

Darkness adds to darkness, light eliminates it. Violence adds to violence, peace eliminates it.

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Dawah Efforts

With the current instability in countries around the globe, missionaries have doubled their efforts in supporting refugee families by providing everything from shelter to continuous food. Muslims need to be able to match and surpass the efforts of missionaries.

Food Pantry

MSI’s Food Pantry supports needy families by providing them with basic food items required to fulfill their daily dietary needs. Through this service, MSI has been able to buy, package, and distribute food at constant intervals and throughout the entire month of Ramadhan for several years.

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