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           Following the perfect example of our Prophet SAW, MSI launched a food pantry program in 2005 in order to provide food for needy families in the south side of Chicago. Throughout the years, this program has grown exponentially and now caters to needy families and the refugee communities throughout the Illinois, and in areas of Wisconsin and Indiana. All the work is done voluntarily and anyone can participate towards this cause. The process is very simple. Volunteers make kits of donated or bought non-perishable food items and these are distributed on a monthly basis. The program now supports over 50 families every month. Other ways to help include hosting a food drive or monetary donations. Please participate in some way to help this program continue growing!

         MSI FOOD PANTRY has been up and running since 2005. The main purpose of this service is to provide food for the needy, especially refugees, at locations in and around Illinois. MSI is in charge of the complete 3 part process which includes obtaining, packaging, and distributing the food. MSI is dedicated to this work and pays attention to each and every detail including the nutritional and cultural needs of the refugee community that it serves. MSI food pantry assists in communities such as Gary (IN), Moline (IL),  and Milwaukee (WI) just to name a few. MSI food pantry is a member agency of the Northern Illinois Food Bank. The pantry follows the same guidelines that the Northern Illinois Food Bank’s other partner agencies use and offers only non-perishable products. MSI has partnered with several communities for distribution of food “kits” to the needy and nearly 50 individuals/families receive kits each month.

***All food is checked to make sure it is Halal***

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       This program runs first and foremost with the help of Allah SWT and next with the efforts of volunteers. A group of 10-20 volunteers take part in packaging food boxes at least twice a month for a few hours. This is an excellent opportunity for the youth as official letters of recommendation will be written for those brothers who volunteer and need hours for highschool or college. To be added to the Whatsapp group to know what the dates are for the food pantry, please sign up to receive text messages on the left.

The food pantry also requires funding from the masjid. On average, the monthly cost for the food pantry is $1,000. This includes buying and distributing the food. If you would like to help fund this program, click on the “Donate now!” button below or reach out to Brother Rehan Basheer.

Special programs:

MSI has also began to prepare iftaar for refugees all throughout the month of Ramadhan and is also responsible for delivering the food to all the necessary locations. If you are able to help deliver food, please volunteer your services for at least a single day of Ramadhan.

Whoever provides “iftar” for a fasting person he will receive the same reward and nothing will be diminished from the reward of the fasting person. (Tirmidhi. Book of Fasting. Chapter on the Virtue of Feeding a Fasting Person. Hadith 807)


For any more questions about any part of the food pantry, please reach out to Shura member:

Rehan Basheer (Head of Food Pantry Services)

(312) 909-2356

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