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With the current instability in some countries around the globe, missionaries have doubled their efforts in supporting refugee families by providing them with every facility possible from shelter to continuous food services. Realizing the criticality of this situation, MSI has decided to assist some of these families by reengaging them with their deen through Dawah programs. MSI needs tremendous support from the community to assist these families in feeling at home. By assisting them both emotionally and financially, MSI aims at providing an inviting environment. MSI’s Dawah program is also excellent for providing assistance to non-Muslims seeking answers about Islam. Dawah programs/workshops are organized on our premises and are open to anyone who would like to benefit from knowledge about Islam.

            With the mercy of Allah, the Dawah Committee has established relationships with neighboring communities, organizations, and various schools and colleges.  Over the past few years, the committee has held several programs and open houses.  With the help of Gain Peace’s Dr. Sabeel Ahmed,  the Dawah Committee has conveyed the message of Islam and its rich history in an effort to address common misconceptions portrayed by the media.  MSI has received a lot of positive feedback from its visitors and will continue to promote and host more programs in the future. If you would like to obtain more information about the Dawah Committee or volunteer your time for any of the events, please contact